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IBM Maximo

Get total visibility and control across your enterprise with implementing Maximo, tailormade to your enterprise needs
IBM Maximo

Maximo Consultancy Services Offering

  1. System Installation and Configuration: Setup and optimization of Maximo environments tailored to specific requirements.
  2. Data Migration and Integration: Seamless migration from legacy systems and integration with enterprise systems for smooth data flow.
  3. Custom Development: Development of custom applications, functionality, and modifications to meet unique business needs within the Maximo framework.

Customization and Configuration: Configure or customize applications, business process workflows, custom reports, KPIs, analytical reports, etc., to cater to customers’ specific requirements.

  1. System Upgrades: Planning and execution of Maximo upgrades, including comprehensive testing.
  2. Preventive Maintenance and Support: Regular checks and maintenance to prevent issues and ensure optimal performance.
  3. Troubleshooting and Problem Resolution: Rapid issue resolution to minimize downtime.
  1. User Training and Workshops: Personalized training sessions for end-users and administrators.
  2. Documentation and User Guides: Creation of detailed documentation and guides tailored to the client’s environment.
  1. Database Management: Performance tuning, backup, recovery, and security management.
  2. Server Administration: Management of server environments for high availability and optimization.
  1. Business Process Analysis and Optimization: Analysis and optimization of processes for improved efficiency.
  2. System Health Checks and Audits: Reviews of the Maximo environment for improvement and optimization opportunities.
  3. Strategic Planning and Roadmapping: Assistance in developing strategic plans for future Maximo enhancements.
  1. On-demand Technical Support: On-call support for immediate assistance.
  2. Performance Monitoring and Optimization: Monitoring and optimization for improved system performance.
  1. Data Import and Loading: Accurate and consistent data import and loading.
  2. Data Cleansing and Validation: Enhancing data quality through cleansing and validation.
  1. Power BI Integration & Dashboard Development: Integration with Power BI for advanced analytics and dashboard development.
  2. Report Development: Report development using BIRT and Cognos.
  1. Gap Analysis and Requirements Gathering: Identifying gaps and gathering detailed requirements.
  2. Solution Design and Recommendation: Designing solutions or recommending integrations based on gap analysis.
  1. Utilities and Energy: Specialized services for asset and outage management.
  2. Manufacturing and Production: Services focused on asset lifecycle and inventory optimization.
  3. Transportation: Custom solutions for fleet management and asset maintenance.
  4. Healthcare and Hospitals: Management of medical equipment and facilities for optimized care.
  5. Government and Public Sector: Solutions for infrastructure management and service delivery optimization.
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